After two separate near-drowning incidents involving two babies this weekend, the Phoenix Fire Department is warning everyone about water safety this summer.  Fire Captain Benjamin Santillan says Arizona is a leader in the country for near drowning rates.  He says Arizona is one of the top two states in the

nation for near-drownings for children between the ages of one and four-years-old.  The most important key to saving your child from drowning is adult supervision.  That means putting away the phone, stop texting, stop playing on the computer and stop watching TV.  He says “This has to stop, all eyes should by on your kids” when they are around water.  If you have children, you should know CPR and if you have a pool, you need to place a barrier between the child and the pool.  Self-latching gates that a child can’t reach could save your child’s life.  Santillan says the fire department is challenging the public to following the three rules of water safety; Adult Supervision, Barriers and CPR Classes.

Kris Dugan