Emily Richardson and Lerman Montoya

Monday, Jan. 22, 2018

Nearly 22,000 unite to the beat of political power at Women’s March in Arizona

PHOENIX – An array of people from diverse backgrounds – different ages, ethnicities and gender identities – united in Arizona for a global cause, with thousands rallying at the state capitol for the 2018 Women’s March.

The crowd, estimated by Phoenix police at nearly 22,000, gathered to bolster women’s power at the polls by encouraging them to vote and run for office. They joined millions across the country and around the world on the second anniversary of a nationwide women’s march.

If last year’s nationwide march was a reaction to the election of President Donald Trump and later led to the fervor of the #MeToo movement , the theme of this year’s march was wielding power at the polls. Phoenix organizers said bringing voter registration to underrepresented communities will be the driving force for changing the government in future elections.

“We are waking up even more,’ said organizer Imelda Ojeda. “Last year the march was more of a protest, with post-election emotions fueling the march. This year is about organizing and unity. We are looking for more ways to get women and communities of color and the LGBT community more involved in politics and speaking out.”

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