Chief Weber and CharThe Desert Hills Fire District is proud to announce the appointment of new board member; Char Beltran.  Due to the resignation of past board member Michael Griffin an opening was created to fill.  At the March 18th board meeting the board; Chairman John Hayes, Clerk Brad Shelton, Board member Mathew Espinoza and Board member Judith Moore voted unanimously  to appoint Char Beltran to fill the empty position.  There were two letters of interest submitted to fill the position.  Both letters of interest were from individuals that ran in the last election; Char Beltran and Shon Smith.  The board decided to appoint the individual that received the most votes during the last election taking into consideration what the constituents desired through the amount of their votes. Char Beltran’s term will run from March 20th to December 1st, 2016.