heath screenings 4 lifeA truly amazing new business has opened it’s doors at 1957 Hwy 95, Bullhead City (928) 299-9919. Their name is Health Screenings 4 Life and here is a little bit about them: There are over 500,000 missed diagnoses in the U.S and 25% of all cancers misdiagnosed or undetected until later stages it’s time to start watching the inside of your body! Ultrasound Imaging, Screening Arteries, and Cholesterol 3D Rendering from Health Screenings 4 Life are scanning procedures that allow you take a look at the inside of your vascular system and organs. They have a beautiful new website www.HealthScreens4Life.com designed by local web designer Steve LeSueur of myMarketingdesigns.com. The best part, Kids are always FREE, and any person with cancer is FREE. They are a 501C3 Non-Profit organization. To find out more or schedule an appointment visit their website or give them a call.