Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters introduces four brand-new tours, making it easier than ever for guests to have an unforgettable “flightseeing” experience of the world-famous Hoover Dam at an exceptional value. With a new heliport located next to the Hoover Dam Lodge Hotel & Casino on U.S. 93, Papillon now flies guests closer to the dam than any other tour operator and offer breathtaking views of not only the dam, but also Lake Mead and the rugged, volcanic terrain of Black Canyon.

“The addition of our seventh helicopter base along with four new tour offerings, falls in line with our long-term plan for growth,” says Geoff Edlund, president, Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters. “We are constantly seeking new ways to appeal to our local, domestic and international visitors.  With this launch we offer our guests flight options that are both affordable enough to do on a whim and compelling enough to plan in advance. A spectacular experience at an incredible value.”

Built to tame the once-wild running Colorado River, Hoover Dam continues to be an international attraction drawing more than 1 million visitors each year. From the Black Canyon side of the dam, the massive concrete structure rises 726 feet (221 meters) from the river below. Hoover Dam is an inspiring sight to see from the air and from the Colorado River.