New Mayor Monica Gates thanked and praised exiting elected officials and offered inaugural remarks during the first meeting of the newly-configured Kingman City Council during its December 6 meeting. She said decisions of the electorate fortify her commitment to pushing for Kingman Crossing progress.

“The voters expressed overwhelming support for this long overdue project and it’s time to make it a reality,” Gates said. “In January we will schedule a workshop with a financing expert to learn about the most cost-effective and timely ways to structure this public-private partnership.”

Gates cited a number of perceived deficiencies in calling for improvement of the Kingman Airport and Industrial Park and its managing entity (KAA). Gates said necessary improvements include maintenance, appearance, infrastructure, marketing, relations with tenants, relations with the city and implementation of performance measures.

“The Airport and Industrial Park are the most critical components of our economic development and, as per our agreement, the board of the KAA and the full city council will meet in January to map out the steps necessary to make our airport vibrant, welcoming, user-friendly and open for business.”

Gates said other top priorities of her administration include ensuring adequate water supply and continued betterment of the downtown.

“We need to create a vision for our downtown that addresses what we want our downtown to look like and how we’re going to get there. Let’s put together a team that will collaboratively plan an environment that is business-friendly, that invites tourism and encourages art and entertainment,” Gates said. “We need to create partnerships that will help us find a solution to the senseless depletion of our aquifers. This must be a priority for our council and a work session should be scheduled as soon as possible to develop a strategy to preserve and protect our water supply.”

Gates thanked the citizens for their support and invited participation in moving Kingman forward.   “You have elected a Council that is prepared to work diligently to bring change to our city and we thank you for this opportunity,” Gates said. “I’m excited to bring about positive change and enhance our quality of life.”