Butch MeriwetherMilepost SignBy: Butch Meriwether

Many residents have noticed new milepost signs being install on various dirt roads within the county and are wonder the reasoning.

“Mohave County Public Works, through its Traffic Control Division, is fabricating and installing milepost signing along several unsurfaced (dirt) roads countywide toward providing a new and important source of driver information,” said Public Works Director Steven Latoski.

“This initiative by the county aids motorists and emergency service providers in providing location reference information critical to incident and crash response,” Latoski said.  “In addition, milepost signs enable delivery of improved wayfinding directions to rural destinations, such as locating a local intersecting road or property where a specific milepost may serve as reference.”

The signs will indicate the number of miles to and from beginning and ending road points. They will consist of a 12 inch wide, 24-to-48 inch long retro reflective panel with green sheeting with white lettering.

The county is currently installing 556 milepost signs and they will be on 22 different roads in one-mile intervals.  Roads receiving the new milepost signage include: Antelope Valley Road, Craigs Ranch Road, Mt. Dellenbaugh Road, Mt. Trumbull Loop, Mud Mountain Road, Navajo Trail, Pakoon Springs Road and Yellowstone Road in the Arizona Strip area; Antares Road and Hackberry Road in the Hackberry area; Cottonwood Road in Dolan Springs; Shinarump Drive in Golden Valley; Back Road, Bogles Ranch Road, Burro Creek Crossing, Chicken Springs Road, Signal Road, Seventeen Mile Road and Highland Road in the Wikieup area; and Alamo Road, Butch Cassidy Road and Planet Ranch Road in the Yucca area.

County officials recommend motorists and residents become aware of milepost signs for purpose of enabling faster emergency response and efficient destination wayfinding.