A brand new Pokemon virtual reality game has become  all the rage, but it’s also altering public habits. And that’s putting police on edge. Yuma Police Sergeant Lori Franklin says the Pokemon’ Go works with your cell phone camera, and as you walk about, you’re supposed to catch the Pokemon images that pop up.

Franklin says it’s wonderful “Pokemon’Go” is helping people get outdoors for some fresh air. But there are deepening concerns amid an uptick in 911 calls over the weekend that reported suspicious activity taking place outside homes. On the other hand, Franklin fears, scavenging game players may also be led to into a sinister trap to be robbed or assaulted. Although Yuma has had no such reported incidents like this, they have occurred in other states.

Franklin says, game players need to exercise common sense and obey existing laws. If your Pokemon hunt leads you into a private property, trespassing laws will apply, for example. And don’t let yourself be led to isolated, dark areas. “We want you to have fun and go out and about exploring,” says Franklin. “But please use caution, be safe, and respect other people’s property.”

–Barbara Villa