White-Water-Rafting-Grand-Canyon-ToursHualapai River Runners and Grand Canyon West, subsidiaries of the Grand Canyon Resort Corporation, have unveiled a unique new tourism experience for 2016: The Walapai Experience; a guided two-day weekend tour of the Grand Canyon’s West Rim that takes adventurers from the rapids of the Colorado River to an overnight encampment in Spencer Canyon then into the sky by helicopter to tour the Grand Canyon’s West Rim.

“For people looking to explore the Grand Canyon from the river to the sky, we’ve created the tour of a lifetime,” said Earlene Havatone, GM for Hualapai River Runners “Our guests will shoot the Colorado River rapids by raft, hike to Travertine Falls and camp overnight in Spencer Canyon – and that’s just Day One. Your second day includes a helicopter tour of the West Rim and a chance to venture out onto our glass-floored Grand Canyon Skywalk, where you can look down 4,000 feet to the Canyon’s bottom.”

Located just two hours from Las Vegas and four hours from Phoenix, Grand Canyon West offers visitors a variety of outdoor and cultural experiences, including the Skywalk, Colorado River raft tours helmed by Hualapai River Runners certified guides, helicopter tours, and horseback riding.
Lodging opportunities include the historic Hualapai Lodge, located on Route 66, and the Hualapai Ranch, with its rustic, western-themed cabins overlooking the Canyon Rim. All the Grand Canyon West tourism experiences pay homage to the culture and history of the Hualapai Tribe, which owns and operates the Grand Canyon Resort Corporation for the benefit of tribal members and the surrounding economy.

The two-day Walapai Experience tour begins operation on the weekend of March 5, 2016, and runs every weekend weather permitting until October 30, 2016. For more information visit http://www.grandcanyonwest.com/white-water-rafting.html today.