At a time when recent bills passed by state lawmakers have caused an uproar among some, a new web site has started to help citizens communicate with their legislator. “Arizona Voices” allows people to give testimony about legislation.
Arizona Voices Institute board chairman Steve Betts talked about the purpose of the site on “Arizona Horizon.” “To allow the average citizen, the average voter of Arizona to be able to connect to legislation and then to comment on that legislation and to be able to even vote on that legislation.” He says lawmakers can look at the input given by their constituents. “Legislators can that watch that, go on line, and look at what his or her voters are saying about that legislation.” Betts says voters can get notifications about bills they are interested in, and non-voters can register to vote via the site. He says the goal is to impact lawmakers. “And we hope the comments will help the legislature to maybe modify the legislation, to make it something that the voters might think is a little more acceptable.” The web site for Arizona Voices is
Mike Sauceda