Not much happened during Monday’s hearing for the former Lake Havasu City policeman who allegedly stole drugs and money from the police department evidence room. The 44-year-old defendant was allowed to appear by telephone and did not attend in person.

Case prosecutor Robert Johnson was not involved in the hearing and another prosecutor in the Yavapai County Attorney’s office in Prescott, Dana Owens, appeared by telephone. Defense attorney Bryan Whitney and Mohave County Superior Court Judge Steve Conn were present for the hearing conducted in Kingman.

Whitney told Judge Conn that there are no preliminary issues with respect to discovery but that he expected that might change as he will be requesting a considerable amount of material to prepare his defense. Judge Conn said an omnibus hearing will next be conducted August 16.

Judge Conn also took time to clarify his previous order in the case. Conn explained that he granted Whitney’s request to prohibit attorneys from releasing case information to the public.

Conn emphasized that he had not issued a gag order in the case. Judge Conn said citizens and members of the press are still free to pursue information as they choose, through formal public records requests or otherwise.

The defendant, who worked for the police department for 16 years before resigning in 2014 and moving to Massachusetts, is charged with two counts each of fraud and theft and 42 counts of forgery.