Controversial tweet catapults incoming lawmaker into immigration spotlight.  Republican Representative-elect Jay Lawrence posted a tweet that sent shock waves across the state regarding the new law that went into effect on New Year’s Day that grants driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.  Lawrence tweeted, “I have a

bill being written. It will place the words NON-CITIZEN across the driver’s license of illegals in our state.”  Democrats and “Dreamers” liken the “NON-CITIZEN” tag to Nazi Germany.  Pro-immigrant Activist Lou Lernor questions Lawrence’s motives by asking, “how is this any different when the Nazi’s asked the German Jews to wear yellow arm bands?”
Lawrence responded to the Democrats outrage through Facebook and Twitter, saying “My concern with regard to driver’s licenses is protecting the integrity of our voting system and maintaining border security.  Currently, I am on a fact-finding mission to learn what safeguards are in place and where we may improve them.”  He notes his bill has not been written and is in its early stages.

Activists are now threatening to protest the Super Bowl if Lawrence submits his bill. 

Some 22-thousand illegal immigrants who have received work permits through President Obama’s deferred action program are now eligible to apply for driver’s licenses in Arizona. 

Kris Dugan