NORAD, also known as the North American Aerospace Defense Command, is charting Santa’s course as he delivers presents to billions of homes around the world this Christmas.  According to NORAD, the big man in red will visit 822 homes every second at a speed of 650 miles-a-second.  How do you

ask?  Simple!  With the assistance of Santa’s magical snow globe, he’s capable of stopping the space-time-continuum over every town, city and country his sleigh takes him, thus freezing time! 
Santa is only hours away from touching down in Arizona so you better have some milk and cookies ready when he pops down the chimney!  And reindeers need some carrots to keep them going all night.  Except Rudolph.  Rudolph doesn’t do vegetables and prefers candy canes. 

Follow Santa as he and his 8 tiny reindeers zig zag across the globe by logging on to


Kris Dugan