download (85)A California man is bringing his nutty enterprise to Mohave County. Bruce Beard is co-owner of a pair of companies that intend an organic commercial nut growing operation on 6,000 acres purchased from Mark Neal.

Beard’s family has been growing nuts for 100 years in California. He said the locally purchased acreage is well suited for the same.

“Everything. The climate. The elevation, soils and the water,” Beard said. He said they intend to grow almonds and walnuts and possibly pistachios.

Beard said almond trees take three or four years before they’re ready for commercial production. He said it takes one or two years more for walnuts and pistachios.

Beard said they will do their due diligence in pursuit of a high quality product. They’re in no rush and plan to phase acreage into production.

“Our intention would be to maybe go in with 200 or 300 acres within the next year or two,” Beard said. “We want to kind of see how it goes and make sure we learn what we’re doing and that we’re not going so fast that we don’t understand what we’re doing.”

Beard said he’s well aware of local water consumption concerns. He said the tree farm will use less water than nearby alfalfa farms, and less than would be associated with housing development on the same acreage.

Beard said those involved with the RB Ranch Development and Valle Vista Environmental Studies LLC’s are committed to being conscientious land stewards and good neighbors.