A bill outlawing taxpayer money for abortions under Obama Care gets final approval Wednesday in the Arizona Senate. While it’s already illegal to fund taxpayer abortions, Maricopa Republican Steve Smith says, accounting gimmicks open a loophole for women to still get abortions under a

separate, optional rider. The Senator says the $1.00 waiver means $150.00 in taxpayer money per person for abortions. But Tucson Democrat Olivia Cajero-Bedford cites an “Arizona Republic” fact check which, she says, found no evidence taxpayer money is going into Arizona abortions.

Still others, like Phoenix Democrat Katie Hobbs, had problems with the bill offering high doses of Progesterone to medically reverse R-U -486 abortions. She blasted the procedure as “junk science” leaving women considering abortions in the hands of “quack doctors”. However, Lake Havasu City Republican Kelli Ward, a medical professional, says Progesterone has real value as it’s been used for years to stop miscarriages.

The bill now heads for Governor Doug Ducey’s office.

 –Barbara Villa