The President touts booming real estate market during Valley visit.  President Barack Obama declared to a Phoenix audience Thursday the U.S. is experiencing an economic resurgence in the housing market. That boom has reversed the housing slump and Obama says he has a plan to push the housing

industry further.  During a visit to the Valley, the President announced his plan to lower home insurance premiums for first-time homebuyers.  Obama says this incentive should entice some 250-thousand people to buy homes over the next few years.  The President adds these rates are for responsible homebuyers, exclaiming, “Don’t buy what you can’t afford.”  The President notes the foreclosure crisis was spurred on by overzealous lenders allowing home owners to borrow more money than they could handle which led to flood of foreclosures.

Meanwhile, Obama is taking heat from veterans and prominent Arizona politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike, for snubbing the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Hospital.  The Phoenix VA became “ground zero” months ago after a report revealed at least 35 veterans died while waiting to receive care.  President Obama ignored calls from Senator John McCain, Senator Jeff Flake, Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema and Congressman Matt Salmon and others to pay a visit to the embattled hospital.  The President’s planned speech was within one mile of the VA and the President chose to drive past the VA hospital.

Kris Dugan