The Obamatrade bill has failed in the House. The House pulled the plug by voting 302 to 126 on the measure to grant financial aid to displaced workers.  This move sent Obama’s hopes down the drain that the Republican Congress would grant him fast-track trade to negotiate a trade deal with Pacific Rim

nations.  In a shocking turn of events, President Obama’s own minority party leader, Nancy Pelosi, voted against the bill.  In something out of bizarro world, Obama faced more opposition from the Democratic party than his Republican counterpartss.  Democrats have been feeling the heat from labor unions who are threatening to withhold economic support during the next election and defeat democrats who vote in favor of the agreements.  Labor unions complain the bill will reduce jobs and wages domestically.  Supporters of the bill say that isn’t true.  Republican Representative Matt Salmon says “this isn’t about bringing more products into the United States, more things into Walmart, this is about getting our products into other countries and leveling the playing field.”  Phoenix Democrat Reuben Gallego claims this bill will hurt Arizona saying “we actually didn’t benefit from NAFTA, we ended up losing more jobs, good jobs that paid good wages and now what we’re only going to do is find ourselves dropping wages even further.”  Republican supporters say it’s necessary to keep China from dominating the region economically.

Kris Dugan