An unidentified subject has been killed in a gun battle with two law enforcement officers in Golden Valley. Mohave County Sheriff Doug Schuster said the violence was a result of a drug related search warrant served in the same community early this morning.

Schuster said a focus of the warrant was not home when the search was conducted earlier today. He said officers spotted a suspect vehicle about 1:10 p.m. at a convenience market along highway 68.

Schuster said the lifted Excursion sped off with officers in pursuit. He said the driver abandoned roadways in favorite of the desert as he tried to get away.

Schuster said the driver pulled over in the vicinity of the intersection of Mobile and Earl and broke into a dead run with officers in pursuit. He said the male suspect raised a firearm, drawing fire from a DEA agent and a deputy.

The officers were uninjured and the suspect was dead at the scene. The Bullhead City Police Department will conduct an independent investigation of the officer involved shooting.