A group of protesters gathered outside the Phoenix Police Headquarters Thursday night to protest the shooting death of suspected drug dealer, 34-year-old Rumain Brisbon, by a Phoenix police officer.  Brisbon, a twice convicted felon stemming from a marijuana charge and a 1998 burglary sentence, was on

probation with two DUI charges under his belt when his neighbors called police claiming he was selling drugs out of his car near their apartment complex at the 7-11 Convenience store.  On December 2, a Phoenix police officer confronted two men sitting inside a Cadillac Escalade when the men bolted from the car and ran.  The officer caught up with Brisbon and the officer gave Brisbon several commands to get on the ground and he refused and instead cursed at the officer.  The officer approached Brisbon and a struggle ensued.  Brisbon reached in his pocket and refused to remove his hand and the officer thinking it was a gun, shot Brisbon in the torso twice.  Brisbon died at the scene.  Brisbon was holding onto a bottle of oxycodone tablets that may have been stolen. Police found a gun and a jar full of marijuana in Brisbon’s SUV.  The investigation continues.  

Protesters laid down in front of Phoenix Police Headquarters downtown and chanted for change.  It was a peaceful demonstration. 
Phoenix police have no comment.

Kris Dugan