ConsultingThe owner of a Mesa-based organization wants the public to know about the services it provides to military, law enforcement and detention officers. Craig Fernandez said Rally Point Alpha (RPA) both trains officers how to cope with the variety of challenges they’ll deal with on the job and how to manage the stress associated with traumatic experiences in their private and professional lives. Fernandez believes that officers are experiencing increasing threats and violence all across the nation, creating greater need for support services that are not part of their initial job preparation and training. “We’ve been at this for about four years and we’re just now starting to hit a rythm and starting to get a little bit of nationwide recognition with law enforcement agencies,” Fernandez said. “We’re just trying to make a Susan_Simons-214x300push and let people know we’re out there because, quite frankly, there’s nobody in the country now that’s really doing what we’re doing.” Fernandez said officers can register for RPA training opportunities on their own or they can be enrolled by their employing agency. He said service to officers can be delivered in a more cost-effective manner enmasse. Fernandez said Mohave County Sheriff’s office jail staff members are among those who’ve been served by the RPA. He noted that the July riots at the state prison in Golden Valley, sadly punctuated by the suicide of one of the corrections officers, is an illustration of the types of stress that should be addressed and managed to prevent tragic events. Fernandez said the RPA and its clients are greatly benefiting from a partnership affiliation with Susan Simons, a highly-respected professional who has 21 years of experience in the officer stress arena. Simons’ Under The Shield program and its personnel engage in training to help officers be prepared for traumatic incidents and help them work through them when they occur.Fernandez said Simons and staff are literally a crisis lifeline for officers and can be dispatched anywhere in the nation when needed.“She should be one of he busiest people in the country right now. There should be agencies all over the country begging to have her come in and make presentations and make her available to their people,” Fernandez said. “She has teams of people who work below her all over the country.” Fernandez provided the following contact information for anyone wanting to know more about the training and services available: 855-725-5978 and 855-889-2348.