Four Phoenix police officers have been hospitalized after a hazmat situation.  Officer James Holmes says police responded to a shooting in West Phoenix where witnesses pointed officers to a house where gunshots were heard.  When officers entered the home, they were overcome by a strong chemical fumes that

them left ill and unable to breath.  They soon found suspicious chemicals and called on hazmat crews.  Eight officers had be decontaminated by Phoenix Fire and four officers were transferred to a local hospital as a precaution.  The officers are expected to be okay.  Meanwhile, a 24-year-old man was dropped off at a hospital with bullet wounds.  Police suspect this man is linked the hazmat house.  This alleged suspect is refusing to speak to police.  At this point, it’s unknown what the chemicals or substances were inside the home when officer entered.  Hazmat crews have cleared the property and investigators are working the scene.

Kris Dugan