Once-accused I-10 sniper Leslie Merritt, Jr., is hitting the airwaves, appearing on the “Dr. Phil Show”, telling the talk show host about that fateful day last year when deputies swarmed him and his family and took him into custody. Merritt says several took him and his family by surprise in a WalMart parking lot after he had just bought baby wipes and diapers for his then 5-month old daughter.

Merritt telling Dr. Phil that it was not him and it could never have been his gun that was involved as it never left his possession unless he had pawned it. Merritt says his fiancé left him because of separation and media attention and his children no longer recognized him after months behind bars. All charges were dropped against Merritt when the botched DPS investigation failed to connect him or his gun to any of the shootings. Merritt’s lawyer, Jason Lamm, says he and the whole defense team is entirely confident in their client’s innocence.