voteSupervisor Buster Johnson would like to remind County residents who wish to vote in the upcoming Presidential Preference Election (PPE) to double check their voter registration status prior to the February 22nd deadline.  “While Arizona is an open primary state, when it comes to the PPE Election, folks must be registered with one of the recognized political parties in order to vote,” Supervisor Johnson stated.  The recognized political parties in Arizona are: Republican, Democrat, Green, Americans Elect, and Libertarian.  “Voters wishing to vote in the Republican PPE must be a registered Republican and those wanting to vote in the Democratic PPE must be a registered Democrat.  This is the one Election where Independents and Party Not Designated cannot vote,” Johnson continued.

According to new figures from the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office, Independents or “Other” have surpassed the number of registered Republicans in Mohave County.  Mohave County, as of October of 2015, had 43,898 registered Republicans and 45,040 registered as Independents.  “If no political party is selected on the registration form, you are automatically registered as an Independent in Arizona,” Johnson stated.

The last day to register for the March 23rd PPE is February 22nd.  Registration forms can be picked up the Department of Motor Vehicles, Supervisor Buster Johnson’s Office, or online at: