kidsProtect Our Kids Environment is holding a “Tacos for our Kids” fundraiser Tuesday, September 30th 2014 from 11am—9pm at the Mohave Steakhouse located at 2430  Hwy 95, Bullhead City. For only $10.00 you receive 3 steak tacos, ranch beans and a non-alcoholic drink. Tickets can be purchased from Maureen Anderson at (928) 758-3939. “This year we are fundraising to replenish every backpack in every classroom with emergency medical supplies” says Maureen Anderson. “Each backpack contains only minimal medical supplies, like band-aids, hand soap, tissues. We are going to put in comprehensive medical kits containing cold compresses, ab pads, gauze pads, band-aids, alcohol swabs, glucose tabs, scissors and the like. Functional flash lights with batteries, toilet paper, and such.  These are items we have found to be essential for staff to adequate function and treat in case of an emergency situation. “ All proceeds benefit the Colorado River Women’s Councils P.O.K.E. program to help provide a safe environment for our local school children.