ktownThe City of Kingman is employing due diligence in considering the possibility of future municipal use of a mothballed school property downtown. The concept that surfaced months ago involves possible city acquisition of the Palo Christi elementary school for renovation and conversion into a city government complex.

A June 21 city council vote approved Manager John Dougherty’s recommendation to issue a Request For Proposals (RFP) for architectural services. Dougherty advised the city should employ a professional to conduct a thorough, department-by-department space needs assessment study that the city can compare with space available at the Kingman Unified School District property.

Dougherty said the assessment product will help the city decide if it wishes to proceed. If so, he said the city could begin a negotiation with the school district to explore what kind of lease, sale or other mechanism would be used to transfer the property to Kingman.