Police take down a couple of burglars who broke into a woman’s Paradise Valley home.  Lieutenant Michael Cole with the Paradise Valley Police Department says a woman called police after two unknown men parked their car in her
driveway and began pounding on her door.  While she was

on the phone with police, she was forced to hide inside her home when the men went around back and broke into her house.  The suspects looted a few items, including credit cards, and quickly took off after hearing the alarm sound.  Police showed up as the suspects tore down the block in their car.  With police hot on their trail, the suspects tossed the stolen items from their car.  They ditched the car and fled on foot.  Police went door to door looking for the two men and found them hiding in a Phoenix neighborhood.  Cole says 34-year-old Mathew Dean Jonson was found by police hiding in a shed and his accomplice, 51-year-old Todd Stewart was hiding in a nearby house.  Cole says the two are also linked to at least one other burglary.

Kris Dugan