The Arizona Department of Public Safety has identified parties in a May 14 officer- involved shooting fatality in Kingman. A May 22 news release identified the officers as Dave Coffin of the Kingman Police Department and Matthew Drury of DPS.

The officers are on paid administrative leave, which is customary when officer-involved shootings are under review.

The man who died by police gunfire is identified as David Jay Juarez, 41, Texas.

The Mohave County Sheriff’s office said the violence began in Wikieup where Juarez stabbed his employer and the man’s son. Juarez allegedly stole a heavy duty service pickup truck from the property and drove north with officers giving chase.

The pursuit was picked up in Kingman when Juarez exited Interstate 40 on the Andy Devine Avenue exit. Deputy Kingman police chief Rusty Cooper said Juarez endangered others while driving erratically before officers opened fire.

Juarez was dead at the scene.

Coffin has been with the KPD for 18 years while Drury is a 16 year DPS veteran. DPS continues its investigation of the shooting.