A 63-year-old grandmother has been busted following a house party that ended in gunfire.  Sergeant Aaron Levi with Tempe Police says three teens were shot during a raucous house party overnight.  Levi says this is a known party house and it’s believed a “fight started over who was paying for the beer.”  The fight

escalated and guns were drawn when shots rang out.  Two teens were discovered in the front yard by police with minor injuries.  Police tried to clear the house but some 25 party goers locked themselves inside and refused to come out. After about an hour, cops were able to get inside and discovered a third teen who had been shot.  That teen was shot in the chest and is lucky to be alive.  It turns out, the house belongs to Yolanda Jaime, the grandmother of one of the teens.  Witnesses say Jaime provided the alcohol and knew the party was happening and left for the casino after the party was in full swing.  The shooter is outstanding and Jaime was booked for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  Levi says the shooting is gang-related.

Kris Dugan