Planning on some holiday fun next week in western Pinal County? Sheriff Paul Babeu warns, it comes at a risk. Which is why he’s alerting anyone thinking about camping or hiking in this drug war zone to consider packing heat. The Sheriff says, blame it on the violent drug cartels who continue operating in the wilderness.

Babeu says, things have gotten worse along this drug infested corridor, thanks to cartel assassins sent to kill rip crews stealing cartel merchandise. As a result, the confrontations turn into bloody shootouts leaving people dead or wounded. But the Sheriff says, fortunately, none so far have been innocent citizens.

He’s also angry on another level—at the federal government signs warning people may encounter cartel activity along the drug smuggling corridor, and at the Sinoloa drug cartel acting, as the Sheriff puts it, “like they own the place (Pinal County).

The Sheriff says carrying a firearm is a must for citizens to protect themselves and their families from illegal alien attacks.

–Barbara Villa