Katy Perry told hundreds of reporters in Phoenix Thursday she does not want to divulge too much about her Super Bowl Half-time show. But the pop superstar confirms a surprise guest, another woman, will join her on stage Sunday.

“All I’ll say is it will be a real, female fun night, says a coy Perry. As for her own performance, Perry says she’ll infuse humor and, in her words, “incredible joy” which she says are her strengths as an entertainer.

Before the game, Idina Menzel will sing the national anthem. The “Frozen” star calls the honor,”exhilarating” and the “pinnacle” of her career. . She went on to say Whitney Houston’s rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” inspired her to one day perform it before an audience. When her big moment comes Sunday, she wants to focus not so much on the difficult melody but the poignancy of the song.

By the way, both singers are rooting for Seattle. Perry says she’s a fan of Russell Wilson, and Menzel explains, as a New Yorker, she can’t go for the New England Patriots.

–Barbara Villa