RECALL ROBBIEA significant hurdle has been cleared in one member’s quest to recall another member of the Golden Valley Fire District Board. Mohave County officials have indicated that Steve Robinson apparently has enough valid petition signatures to force a public vote to possibly oust Board member Rhonda Brooks from office. But Robinson has no margin for further error. In fact, Mohave County Voter Registration Supervisor Kim Stewart said Robinson “has no margin at all.” Stewart explained that Robinson needed 483 valid signatures to move the recall forward. And she said that’s exactly the number of signatures that were verified-483. County officials invalidated more than one-third of the 736 petition signatures that Robinson submitted on June 20. Disqualification of 253 signatures occurred through statutorily prescribed reviews conducted by county officials. Elections Director Allen Tempert nullified 134 signatures early in the process. Tempert said those names, on nine petition sheets, were tossed out because they were the product of a previous recall campaign that was cancelled last February. Deputy Elections Director Betty Vernon said Tempert eliminated another 14 signatures from another petition because the circulation affidavit was not signed as is required by law. She said Tempert disqualified three other signatures because they listed P.O. boxes rather than physical addresses. With 151 signatures removed by the elections office, petitions bearing 585 signatures were forwarded to Voter Registration for further review. Stewart said she disqualified 102 more signatures for various failures, including problems associated with voter registration, residency, duplication, authentication and illegibility. It remains to be seen whether anyone might legally challenge the county calculations and verification of the recall petition effort. Fire District Board member Jack Hommel said he will be exploring whether a lawsuit might succeed in the disqualification of a single signature to torpedo the recall. Absent any challenge, Vernon said it appears that it would be early next year when the Board of Supervisors would consider formally calling for a recall election that would be scheduled May 19, 2015. Brooks would be offered the opportunity to resign to eliminate need of a recall vote. Brooks, however, has said she will not step down. Assuming Brooks would opt to try to remain in office, potential recall challengers could work to qualify for the special election ballot after the county formally scheduled the election.