download (9)Golden Valley, AZ, December 10, 2014:  Today I received verification from Mohave County Voter Registration Department that the Petition to Recall Rhonda Brooks from the Golden Valley Fire District Board of Directors was determined to have the requisite number of 483 valid signatures to place the recall on the ballot.  The Board of Supervisors for Mohave County must first approve a resolution declaring an election not less than 90 days from the date of the resolution.  Based on state law the soonest the election can occur is the 3rd Tuesday in May; that date being May 19, 2015. The reasons stated on the recall, signed by nearly 750 people, ranged from a deceptive election platform where she failed to disclose her real objective of firing Chief O’Donohue; to her willful violation of the law regarding Public Records Requests, and disclosing executive session information to her personal friends. Prior to filing the application for Recall Petition, I filed a request with the County Attorney’s office, along with Board member Paul Gorham, that they investigate Director Brooks’ alleged violations of the law.  They responded a few weeks after, saying that the Recall petition was the more appropriate process to follow. “It’s truly unfortunate that Director Brooks’ actions have led to the people of Golden Valley Fire District supporting the recall.  At the time I filed the petition, I wasn’t aware that Ms. Brooks, along with the former GVFD bookkeeper Lovelle Barnett had filed in incredible 30 complaints regarding the alleged Open Meeting Law violations, with the Attorney General’s office from May 2013 through August 2014.  The 62 different allegations by them resulted in 2 acknowledged violations against the whole board, with two others by Chairman Hardy and Ms. Brook herself.”


Contributed by: Steven Robinson