Family pets want to tear into Christmas gifts too.  The Arizona Animal Welfare League, Arizona’s oldest and largest no-kill animal shelter, polled some pet owners to find out how they celebrate the holiday season with their pets.  The study shows a whopping 94 percent of pet owners buy gifts for their pets

about 80 percent of those same owners will actually wrap those presents for their pets to open on Christmas morning.  Some 54 percent will allow their pets to rip open their own gifts.  Over 70 percent of pet owners will also have a Christmas stocking filled with treats and toys for their furry friends to hang on the mantle.  More than three-quarters include their beloved pets in annual family holiday cards or photos. 

And dressing up in your finest for the holiday season isn’t reserved for humans.  Only 43 percent of pet owners will dress their pet up for the holidays, “which is probably a relief to some pets.” 

Kris Dugan