bus strike is looming as dozens of unionized Phoenix bus drivers and other
labor and civil rights activists protest the latest contract offering at City Hall.  These workers, labor leaders and activists
are not upset about the proposed wages and benefits in the proposed contract
but about a basic unfairness in the way French-owned Transdev, formerly Veolia,
is treating them as employees. 

allege management is reneging on a uniform allowance, blackmailing them with
deadlines on approval and denying them basic accommodations like bathroom
breaks and rest between runs. Amalgamated Transit Union Local President Bob Bean
says the workers are asking the city to see what is really going on and end the
practice of contracting bus service out to private for-profit companies and
make them city employees. Dominique Christian says she rides the bus to work
every day and, if the drivers strike, she will boycott the buses.  Workers are voting on whether to strike and
they could be out on picket lines as soon as Friday.