It’s Phoenix Fire Department crews to the rescue as they help two hikers in distress Monday afternoon at Echo Canyon. Captain Benjamin Santillan says the first victim, a man in his ‘60’s, took his motorized scooter up the trail, then lost control and fell off on the way down.

Santillan says the department deployed a big wheel operation to get him down to safety. Santillan says the man was likely thrown off his scooter by loose gravel on the trail, which is why the vehicles are banned from Phoenix mountain trails in the first place. 

Crews continued up the mountain to find a 40 year old woman who became dizzy and lightheaded. Rescuers helped her down the mountain. Both victims, neither of whom were in bad shape, refused being transported to the hospital.

But Santillan says our lessons here include staying hydrated and well-fed during hikes, and not taking scooters up mountains.   He adds, let’s put safety first by following the Parks and Recreation Department rules so that nothing mars our enjoyment of the great outdoors.

–Barbara Villa