Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton says, he’s heard the call of the Phoenix Suns loud and clear. In his State of the City address Tuesday, the Mayor says the N-B-A team will be looking for a new home soon, so he’s announced plans for a new arena in order to keep your Suns in Downtown Phoenix.

Stanton says, any new facility will be geared to housing not just the Phoenix  Suns, but also the Phoenix Mercury and Phoenix Coyotes, so building a second facility is not in the cards. The Mayor says, “a new arena must not only keep activities we have in place, but bring in new events and new people downtown. And the Mayor vows, no new taxes will be raised for it—“any plan for a new venue must use only the existing sports facilities fund.”

The Suns’ current home, Talking Stick Arena, has been in use since 1992, when the doors opened for the first time as America West Arena.

–Barbara Villa