Phoenix Police is taking study findings on officer involved shootings to heart to find ways to reduce such incidents. The Department conducted the joint report with Arizona State University. Sergeant Trent Crump says the study found significant numbers of police shootings occurred within two

minutes of an officer’s arrival. And that domestic violence calls topped the list for circumstances.

But Crump says, beginning this year, officers have been getting 40 hour blocks of training in de-escalation tactics at the academy and they’re also being taught “critical communications skills,” as well as stepped up training in mental health subject cases in conjunction with teams specializing in that area.

Crump says Phoenix averages 20 officer involved shootings a year. He adds, after an abnormally high number of them in 2013, they took a huge tumble the following year. And, Crump says 2015 is on pace for an all-time low for Phoenix Police shootings.

–Barbara Villa