With a missing Tucson-area hiker (pictured)  and a woman who collapsed and died Sunday afternoon apparently from the  heat, Pima County authorities are sounding the alarm to stay indoors as much as possible. Sheriff Chris Nanos, sending out the message at the Ventana Canyon trailhead Monday in the glare of the

afternoon sun, says, “you have the freedom to come and go where you want, and we want people to recreate outdoors,” but he adds, “ do it smart” and not by endangering those who would be enlisted to rescue you if you get into trouble.

Nanos says a woman in her ‘50’s chose to go walk a trail about three o’clock Sunday afternoon, when temperatures were at their hottest. Two hours later she was reported missing, and soon afterwards, her body was found on the walkway. Proof, he says, you don’t have to take on rugged terrain to be overcome by the elements.

Nanos does not believe warning signage about extreme heat and hiking or a “stupid hiker” law akin to a “stupid motorist” law will have an impact, because he says, some people will just choose to ignore these measures, believing themselves to so sturdy. But he says, it’s time people take responsibility for their actions.

Meanwhile, the search continues for the missing hiker.

–Barbara Vill