First, one case in Maricopa County. Now comes news that a family of four in Pinal County has come down with the measles. Pinal County spokesman Joe Pyritz says, just like the previous case, this family got infected, apparently during their trip to Disneyland December 16 -20.

Pyritz says the outbreak is stark proof of the grave consequences of not getting vaccinated. The family lives in Kearny. Measles can mimic the flu in the beginning with a fever, coughing and red,watery eyes, and a runny nose but then a distinct rash develops at the hairline and spreads down the body in blotches.

Pinal County health officials are now dealing with the challenge of locating people who may have been in contact with the family. The Health department just learned of the new cases Thursday.

Pyritz says two doses of MMR vaccine should provide full protection. For those unsure if they’ve been vaccinated for measles, they should get at least one dose. If you’ve already had the measles, there’s no more risk of getting infected.

–Barbara Villa