pine lakeThe Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Kingman Field Office, in cooperation with Pine Lake Fire Department, will conduct two prescribed burns near the community of Pine Lake in the coming weeks.  Burning may begin as early as Wednesday, January 7, 2014, and will continue as weather allows until all planned burning is complete. The planned burns will include burning brush on south facing slopes south of Pine Lake, and burning slash piles created during construction and maintenance of fuel breaks around the community.  Excess hazardous brush that homeowners have removed from their properties may also be burned.  This project is being implemented to reduce the threat of wildfire in and around the Pine Lake community. BLM fire management personnel will ignite the piles when weather and vegetation conditions allow for safe burning to minimize any potential threat to area residents.  The brush piles will be ignited during or following periods of precipitation to minimize any risk to the community.  The piles are expected to burn down quickly.  Smoke should disperse out of the area in a short period of time.  Residents should expect some light smoke in the area during the burn operation.  Ignition will stop if smoke begins to impact residential areas. Jeep trails accessing the burn areas may be closed and monitored by fire personnel during the burn operation to provide for public safety.  The burn will not affect local traffic.  The burn is expected to be completed within the next few weeks. For more information on this project, contact Wade Reaves, at the BLM Kingman Field Office (928) 718-3700.