Thousands of pro-life advocates have gathered outside of Planned Parenthood facilities across Arizona Saturday to protest the organization for selling aborted baby parts.  The demonstration is part of a nationwide effort to defund Planned Parenthood that acquires one-third of its one-billion-dollar budget from government

grants contracted at the state and federal level.  Arizona leaders, including Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, led the charge at the new Planned Parenthood facility located at 5651 N. 7th Street in Phoenix. 

The outrage stems from an undercover video released of “StemExpress” executives talking about buying aborted baby organs from Planned Parenthood.  Undercover videos of Planned Parenthood practices of selling aborted baby tissues, organs and parts have been trickling out to the public for days.  The latest video shows an executive explaining how to alert a medical lab they are shipping an “intact abortion” to its facility.  An “intact case” or “intact abortion” means the body is a full formed baby.”


Kris Dugan