Planned Parenthood is taking Arizona to court over a just passed law set to take effect next month. The organization wants a judge to put a hold on the law which prevents abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood from participating in Medicaid. Jodi Liggett with Phoenix Planned Parenthood says, the

law has no basis because the organization is already obeying the law in not performing abortions under Medicaid, but she warns, the law’s reach goes beyond that.

Liggett says, the law will also bar Planned Parenthood from providing vital non-abortion services such as cancer screenings and pregnancy care. And she says, poor patients will be the ones to suffer. The A-C-L-U, representing Planned Parenthood, adds, Federal law prohibits States from denying care to Medicaid patients going to providers simply because abortion is part of the services they offer.

The law’s author, Mesa G-O-P Representative Justin Olson, says the measure is intended to help verify that clinics performing abortions don’t use taxpayer money for abortions, as the Federal government requires.

No hearing date has been set yet.

–Barbara Villa