A Lake Havasu City woman charged with murdering her boyfriend is contemplating a plea agreement offered by the Mohave County Attorney’s office. The proposed deal was detailed during a February 17 settlement conference for Cheryl Molitor, 62.

Molitor is charged with first degree murder in the late July shooting death of her boyfriend Kenneth Nissen, 65. Police said Nissen died of a gunshot wound in his home in the 1400 block of McCulloch Boulevard.

Judge Billy Sipe told Molitor the law required imposition of a natural life prison term if she is convicted as charged. Deputy county attorney Greg McPhillips advised that Molitor is currently offered a deal that would convict her of second degree murder.

McPhillips said the plea agreement could provide some opportunity for life after prison in that punishment would range between 10 and 25 years in prison. McPhillips advised the current plea proposal leaves sentencing up to the Court, but that he might consider imposing a cap, setting the punishment ceiling at 20 years.