courthouse   A Kingman man who has confessed that he murdered his friend 14 months ago told a judge Wednesday that he wants to represent himself and plead guilty. 63-year-old Richard Polaski expressed dissatisfication with his defense attorney during the preliminary hearing before Mohave County Superior Court Judge Lee Jantzen.

Polaski first said he wanted to exercise his speedy trial rights. Then he complained that defense attorney Robin Puchek has had insufficient involvement in his case.

“I’d like to have no attorney,” Polaski said. “I just want to plead and do a plea.”

Judge Jantzen told Polaski his request to represent himself would be considered at a September 20 hearing. Jantzen also told Polaski that he lacked legal authority to grant his request to arrange communication with the prosecutor.

Polaski’s court appearance came roughly 36 hours after authorities recovered human remains where he told them he had buried his friend John Holland, 65. Court records show that Polaski said he stabbed Holland to death during an argument, put his body in a hole and covered it in three feet of concrete.

County public works crews spent much of Monday breaking through that concrete until finding the first body part about 6:00 p.m. The recovery was completed by 9:00 p.m. with the remains transported to the medical examiner for purpose of positive identification and cause of death determination.

Polaski is charged with first degree murder. County authorities said they continue investigating Polaski’s claims that he and at least one accomplice perpetrated fraud to gain power of attorney and control over Holland’s considerable assets.