As unrest between police and black communities continues grabbing headlines, Phoenix Police and the minority community meet to talk Monday night. The Town Hall takes place at the Phillips C-M-E-church in Downtown Phoenix, which is African-American dominated.

The Reverend Reginald Walton hopes for a meaningful dialogue to clear the air on race relations. And he adds, if that honest conversation falls out of the comfort zone of either side, so be it. But he exhorts anyone to stop complaining about injustice and “come to the table” to become part of that conversation so “you can be heard.

Walton says, police brutality remains a systemic problem. But everyone needs to confront their own implicit bias. Walton goes on to condemn Sunday’s deadly ambush of Baton Rouge officers, saying, violence will never solve anything.

The Town Hall begins at 6:00 p.m.

–Barbara Villa