A Phoenix Police Officer defies the image of cops as impersonal law enforcers, lending a hand to a homeless man who was at risk of losing one of his. Officer Richard Di Carlo learned Tom Goodwin’s left hand was ridden with squamous cell skin cancer. With supervisor approval, Di Carlo took the 61

year old Goodwin to “Circle the City” homeless outreach center. That night, he was on schedule for surgery, and found an instant home, going to bed in a room under the agency’s roof.

As he continues on the mend, “Circle the City” plans to find Goodwin permanent housing and provide continuing medical care. Goodwin says, if it weren’t for De Carlo’s intervention, he would’ve lost that hand due to the severity of the infection.

When he decided to reach out to Goodwin, Di Carlo knew he had to get permission from his supervisor. To the Officer’s delight, he hadn’t finished getting out all of the words to  his request when his boss immediately said “yes”.

Goodwin says he sensed from the beginning there was something very special about Di Carlo. He could look beyond the uniform and see,” an individual that cared about me as a human being,” and “ a good friend.”

–Barbara Villa