The President of the Phoenix Police officers union is not happy Chief Daniel Garcia has exposed Officer Mark Rine as the one who shot and killed Rumain Brisbon in last week’s shooting of an unarmed black man. Joe Clure,(pictured) with Phoenix Law Enforcement Association says, while the Chief could not keep the identity secret

indefinitely, he says he did not have to reveal right now it was Rine who pulled the trigger in that fatal struggle December 2nd.

Clure says Rine is a victim, too, in the sense that being thrust into the spotlight is endangering his safety, plus, he’s hurting as well from the tragedy. And Clure adds, let’s not forget this officer has constitutional rights, too, but what he calls a “mob mentality” is already out to convict Rine before he’s been thoroughly investigated.

The Reverend Jarrett Maupin, who’s organized several protests in Downtown Phoenix is furious Rine is still working after the customary administrative leave period following a shooting. The decorated officer is currently at a desk job for the time being, which Maupin blasted as “unacceptable.” But he says, part of what fueled protests up to Tuesday’s was that Rine’s identity had been kept under wraps.

Rine was struggling with Brisbon in the victim’s apartment after the man ranfrom officers investigating word that drugs were being sold in the immediate area of the complex at North 25th Avenue and Greenway .  Rine shot him  because it appeared he may have been clutching a gun in his pocket. But all it turned out to be was a pill bottle.

–Barbara Villa