The Mohave County Elections Department is seeking poll workers for the November 8th General Election.  County supervisor Buster Johnson said serving as a poll worker is a great opportunity for citizens who are interested in learning how the Election process works.

“The Election process is the backbone of American society,” Johnson said.  “Part of what makes America great is the people’s right to choose their leaders and the people’s right to be involved in the process.”

For those interested in election polling place work activity, the job is an all-day affair usually lasting from roughly 5:30 a.m. until possibly 9:00 p.m. Poll workers are compensated for their time and will receive $105.

Those hired as Inspectors will get $120.  In order to receive compensation, poll workers are required to attend a local training session prior to the election as well as participate in election set up the day prior.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a poll worker should call the Mohave County Elections Office at (928) 753-0733, option 2, and ask for Nancy Krahulec.