tourooA prison term has been ordered for a Golden Valley man with an appetite for child pornography. Steven Touroo, 43, pled guilty to two counts of attempted sexual exploitation of a minor through a plea agreement he hoped would result in probation.

“I hope you give me a chance to prove myself to you and my family,” Touroo told Judge Billy Sipe during his July 23 sentencing hearing. Family members urged leniency, stating that Touroo is needed to care for his ailing grandmother.

Judge Sipe, however, noted that the Arizona legislature has decided that harsh punishment is appropriate for child pornography offenses. Sipe noted that 396 files of child pornography images were downloaded on Touroo’s computer and that the defendant uploaded and shared images on dozens of occasions.

Judge Sipe said it was more disturbing that Touroo took his own picture of a ten year old girl he was babysitting. Judge Sipe imposed the maximum punishment possible under terms of the plea agreement.

Sipe ordered an eight year prison term followed by lifetime probation for Touroo.