Times have changed!  That “Just Say No” campaign is a thing of the past.  According to the latest “Rocky Mountain Poll,” a majority of Arizonans are in favor of legalizing a “simple possession of marijuana.”  Research analyst Jim Haynes says overall, 53 percent of Arizona residents support the legalization

of marijuana.  The younger generation wants to decriminalize dope by a whopping and not-so surprising 71 percent.  The poll also suggests the older generation is jumping on board the joint bus with residents between 35 and 54-years-old in favor of legal pot possession by 47 percent.  Baby Boomer’s are split with 45 percent approving of legalizing hemp and 46 percent opposed.   Hemp hopes are also divided along political party lines.  Democrats or the Liberal party support legalizing pot by a strong majority of 64 percent.  Whereas Republicans or the Conservative party oppose legalizing drugs by 61 percent.

Kris Dugan